About The Center

PE. Measurement and Evaluation Unit

It is a unit that specializes in planning, implementing and following up the processes of developing evaluation systems and examinations at the Faculty of Physical Education, Tanta University. As the evaluation is one of the most important links of the educational system, it is also the most interfering element with all components of the educational process, from (teacher) and (learner) and (curriculum). Without the evaluation, and its approved standards and specifications, the application of the principle of justice and equal opportunities will be absent among Faculty graduates.

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Vision & Mission

In its vision, the unit looks forward to excellence in the field of educational and professional tests and standards, and upgrading student evaluation systems to measure and evaluate learning outcomes for educational programs according to the latest standards in the field of measurement and evaluation. Through the mission of the unit, the unit will work on developing the student and exam assessment system, which contributes to achieving justice and continuous development in the methods and methods of different measurements and credibility in evaluating learning outcomes for educational programs, and providing feedback to ensure the quality and development of the educational process.In order to raise the efficiency of educational institutions and the competitiveness of their graduates.

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